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Cyprus History
The history of Cyprus is one of the oldest in the world and dates back to the 7th century B/C. The arrival of the Mycenaean Greeks at first, followed by the Achaean Greeks has given Cyprus the typical Greek character. The Island has four major cities, Nicosia as the Island's Capital, then Larnaca as the Island's main airport, than Limassol as the Islands main seaport and with P... Read More
Education and Religion. Cyprus has a high standard of education. Schools and Universities still function with a high level of discipline. The island has several International Schools and also Paphos has a high standard at the International School in the city. The main religion on the island is Greek Orthodox. The island is covered with the most beautiful, picturesque, and histo... Read More
  The location in the far end of the Mediterranean Sea guarantees Cyprus a unique climate because it is out of reach of the cold and wet influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Springtime starts during February and autumn stretching till mid- December and the winter is comparable to a mild and lovely European spring, Cyprus enjoys the best Mediterranean climate with more than 34... Read More
All passenger flights to Cyprus may only enter the Republic landing at either Larnaca or Paphos International Airport. Larnaca International Airport Information: Address : Larnaca International Airport, Postcode 7130Airport Code : LCA Location : The airport is located 5km (3 miles) from Larnaca Paphos International Airport Information. Address : Paphos Internat... Read More
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