Lacework and embroidery, pottery and woodwork, jewellery … the artistic heritage of Cyprus is a reflection of the islands history and traditions that have endured for centuries. Most of the raw materials used in  crafts, from copper to silk and cotton, are native to Cyprus. Since 1975 the government has actively strived to preserve local craftworks by creating the Cyprus Handicraft Service. They provide goods to the large Cyprus Handicraft Centre (Lefkosia) and official craft shops.

Cypriot lacework is prized for its quality and artistry and it is one if Cyprus’s most famous exports. The village of Lefkara is very well known for its embroidery, called Lefkaritika, take a wander around the streets and you will be invited into the many of the shops.

Embroidered lace, worked on off white linen or cotton, makes for highly decorative tablecloths, curtains, doilies, placemats and dresser sets. A specialty of Paphos is Pafitika, fabric embroidered with geometric designs.

Pottery has been made in Cyprus continuously for thousands of years. Attractive pots come in all shapes and sizes. Terra cota pieces with white decorations, copies of museum pieces are popular gifts, as are copper wares, hand painted gourds and handmade baskets and jewellery with motifs from antiquity.

The smaller villages of Cyprus are the best places to pick up handcrafted Cypriot lace at a good price. Bargaining is accepted, be polite but firm. Always shop around and don’t display too much enthusiasm.

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