Eating Out

Eating Out

Everyone knows that Cyprus is famous for its food; the cuisine is a blend of flavours gathered from all over the eastern Mediterranean. Cypriots cook with less oil than their Mediterranean neighbours. The cuisine is healthy apart from their love of syrup soaked pastries. All food is cooked fresh on a daily basis. The quality of fresh produce is excellent and the local salads are delicious.

One of the most popular dishes in Cyprus is a Meze. You are served up to 20 different saucer sized dishes, ranging from local cheese like halloumi and feta, meats like pork, chicken and fish.

Some of the most popular meals are: Kleftico – lamb or goat roasted with vegetables in an outside oven. Shish Kebab – marinated lamb skewered and grilled over charcoal. Souvla – Lamb or goat cooked on a rotisserie. Souvlaki – Pork grilled on a skewer. Sheftalia – small rissoles of mince, onions and spices wrapped in a 'skin' of gut rather like small sausages. Mousakka – slices of aubergine and potato overlaid with mince and white sauce.

There are some fantastic golf courses in Cyprus and a couple luxury golf resorts are under development in Paphos. Pissouri is situated close to two popular courses, Tsada and Secret Valley.

Hiking is very popular in the mountains and the climate is cooler on higher ground. There are beautiful unspoilt views from the mountains.

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